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"The course was extremely informative and provided all the essential tips and tricks to get the ball rolling in music production. Xylo Aria's experience is truly inspiring and her down to earth approach makes you connect with what she does and get the most of out of it! Highly recommended for girls just like me, who feel intimidated by music production and don't know where to start!" 
- Maria Muchkaeva
Hi! I'm a singer/song-writer and music producer originally from Australia, currently living in London. 

It is my dream to encourage more women to start producing music and I want to do everything in my power to help make it as easy as I can for anyone who's interested in learning. 

I remember the challenges I faced when I first started so I want to give other women all the necessary information in the hope that they don't have to face the same issues, and also to create a support network around them for whenever they need it.

I have been producing my own music for a while, and have helped countless others to do the same. I hope you will join me on this course, learn everything I have to show you and start making some absolutely amazing music yourself! 

I can't wait to meet you and help you unleash your musical potential!
If you want to start creating your own music but have no idea where to start, then this is the course for you.
"If somehow this course can encourage more women to start producing and making phenomenal music, that would not have otherwise, then it will be a dream come true" - Xylo Aria
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