Are you a Musician or Artist that's:

Learn to Produce, Mix and Monetize Your Music

  • Ready to start producing your own music without relying on other producers?
  • Wanting to learn how to mix your music but not sure where to start?
  • Looking for ways to monetise your music by developing a better knowledge of the music business?
  • Committed to learning the skills you need to succeed as an independent artist?
  • Wanting to build your confidence in a positive community of like-minded artists and mentors?
  • Keen to create music that sounds professional and of high quality?
  • Ready to nurture your abilities so you're putting out your best music?

EmpowHer Sound Workshop Series

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions then these workshops have been designed to help you!
Introducing EmpowHer Sound
Introducing EmpowHer Sound
If you've been wanting to transition from relying on other producers who don't perfectly understand your sound, to taking charge and producing your own music, those first steps can be daunting! We know.

So as a team committed to empowering more women to produce and mix music, we have developed this brand new workshop series designed to be a practical, step-by-step guide to help you get you on your way to producing, mixing and finding opportunities to monetize your dream tracks. 

Each of the three, 3-hour workshops, covering the topics of Production, Mixing and Music Business will have no pre-assumed knowledge or unnecessary technical jargon so that they are beginner-friendly and accessible to all musicians.
By attending the EmpowHer Sound workshops you will learn:


Beat Making : The essentials of music production to create layered tracks with four elements, including Drums, Bass, Chords and Melodies

Synthesis : An introduction to the world of synthesis and the possibilities to create any sound in your mind

Audio Effects : Understanding the basis of audio effects and different ways they can be used effectively in your music


Mixing Fundamentals : The essentials of mixing music, and understanding the 3 key elements available to play with

Tools : An introduction to the tools that are available to you as a mixer and how they can be used in relation to the 3 key elements

Tying it altogether : Understanding how these tools can be used to bring your song concept to life

Music Business

Music Rights : Understanding the different types of rights attached to a song and how to register for them

Artist Self Management : Understanding how to get the most from your music as an independant artist

Spotify Growth : Understanding the ins & outs of playlisting and how you can maximise your chances of growing on Spotify

A Successfull Vision for 2022

You will learn topics on how to get the best vocal performance out of yourself and how to communicate these ideas to others

Producing a track with 1 Sample

You'll learn how comping is used in commercial tracks today and how to treat/edit vocal stems

 5 ways to get more plays

You'll learn about how vocal arrangement and vocal layering can compliment a track and bring a song to life
About Music Production for Women
Music Production for Women was created to encourage and empower more women in the field of music production and technology, areas in which women are currently heavily under-represented.

Our aim is to give female musicians the skills necessary to take on the music industry with confidence and to help and guide them through every step of the process through providing education, community support, visible role models and encouragement.

In the last 4 years MPW has delivered classes to over 7000 students from over 120 countries around the globe.

Although our aim is to improve gender diversity in music, our classes are open to everyone to attend.
Who is the EmpowHer Sound Workshop series for?
This workshop series has been designed for artists who want to start producing and mixing their music and rely less heavily on others to do this for them. It is also for all independant artists who want to learn about the music business to find opportunities to monetise their creations.

Can I attend only one of the three sessions?
Yes, no problem! 

How much does it cost?
The cost to attend each workshop is only $15, however you can also purchase a discounted group ticket for all three workshops for only $30 (working out to $10 per workshop). Each ticket sold will contribute to planting three trees, and a group ticket will help to plant nine!

Are there any free places available for those with financial difficulties?
We have priced these workshops at a very low cost to allow it to be accessible to all musicians, regardless of their financial situation, however if you are still experiencing hardship and cannot accord a ticket, please e-mail us at

I'm in a timezone that makes attending the live sessions difficult. Will the recordings be available?
Yes, we will send out recordings to all students.
What previous skills do I need to attend?
You don't need any previous production or technical skills to attend! All the workshops on the day have been designed for beginners and people who are new to production, mixing etc. so please do attend even if you currently feel a bit intimidated by these topics!

Will I be pressured to buy a program?
Absolutely not! At the core of what we do at MPW is a one-year program that currently has a waitlist. We will introduce this program to you during the event in case you would like to work with us more closely and further build on the skills that you've learnt during the workshops, however if you feel you've got the inspiration from the workshops that you need, then that is perfectly fine and we'll be happy to have gotten to spend those days with you!

What should I prepare for the workshops?
The best way to prepare for the event is to be 10 mins early as our Zoom numbers can sometimes reach capacity. Don't feel the need to have a production software to follow along as our teachers will be going through this with everyone together, however please have something to take PLENTY of notes on, whether this is a book or your laptop.

Are the sessions online?
Yes, all the sessions are run online on Zoom so it doesn't matter where you are to attend the sessions!
The EmpowHer Team:
Meet Xylo Aria
Meet Xylo Aria
Your expert teacher for the Production workshop is none other than Xylo Aria, music producer and award-winning founder of Music Production for Women.

Xylo built MPW reflecting on her own experiences as a female artist. She was determined to create a platform to benefit other women taking their music career into their own hands, which she wished existed for her when she started.

Since starting MPW, Xylo has been named a Top 50 East London Innovator, been included on the SheSaidSo Alt 100 Power List and partnered with numerous global brands on projects and events including Distrokid, Focusrite, Ableton, Abbey Road Studios and many more. She also co-produced a mini-documentary on a woman's first steps into Music Production which has been featured in numerous publications across, Australia, Europe and the US.
And the rest of the Teachers

Amy Wright

Amy is a self-managed artist, sound engineer and events specialist who began a career as a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
Amy has released 7 records through local labels, toured their works through Europe, U.K, U.S and Australia and gained JJJ airplay as well as regular rotation on community radio stations including RRR, PBS and SYN

Lillian Frances

Lillian Frances is a sonic collager hailing from Northern California. Some of her artistic highlights include opening for Sylvan Esso, playing festivals up and down California, and singing alongside Shakey Graves. She believes making music should be fun, easy, and empowering.

Ramera Abraham

Ramera is a London-based vocal producer, engineer, songwriter, and artist who has had the pleasure of working with artists like Adele, Jess Glynne, Anne-Marie, RAYE, Stormzy, Sam Fender, and most recently mix assisted Nick Cave's album, Carnage, and assisted Little Mix's sixth studio album, Confetti. 

And more to be announced...
A workshop with a Global Impact
At MPW, it is a part of our mission for our actions to have a wider positive impact, not just on the music industry, but the wider world and the environment. As a result we have partnered with B1G1 to ensure that a a portion of a ticket sold for the EmpowerHer Sound Workshop series will contribute to planting 3 trees to increase forest cover.

As an attendee of this event, we thank you for contributing to create a positive impact on a cause that is close to our hearts.

Hover over the image to see how many trees have been planted so far!

A Successfull Vision for 2022

You will learn topics on how to get the best vocal performance out of yourself and how to communicate these ideas to others

Producing a track with 1 Sample

You'll learn how comping is used in commercial tracks today and how to treat/edit vocal stems

 5 ways to get more plays

You'll learn about how vocal arrangement and vocal layering can compliment a track and bring a song to life
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Music Business
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