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We've helped over 7,000 women from over 120 countries start learning to produce music and would love to help you. So are you ready to take charge and start bringing your musical vision to life?

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Don't spend thousands of dollars setting up your home studio! We've created a guide to help you start producing without spending money on things you don't need.
Getting Started in Music production checklist
Getting Started in Music production checklist

Download our FREE 5 page checklist

Don't spend thousands of dollars setting up your home studio! We've created a guide to help you start producing without spending money on things you don't need.
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Women in music

About Music Production for Women

Music Production for Women was started with the hope to encourage and empower more women in the field of music production and technology, areas in which women are currently heavily under-represented.

Our aim is to give female musicians the skills necessary to take on the music industry with confidence and to help and guide them through every step of the process through providing education, community support, visible role models and encouragement.

Since it's inception in 2019 MPW has delivered classes to thousands of students across numerous countries across the globe.

Although our aim is to improve gender diversity in music, our classes are open to everyone to attend.

Workshops & Events

MPW run periodic free and low cost music production workshops to empower women in music technology. Please join our mailing list to stay up to date with our latest events.

Learn With Us

Free Intro to Music Production Masterclass

Female music producers
If you are brand new to music production and are feeling intimidated or unsure about where to start, this introductory session is the best place to take your first steps. During the hour long session, you will be learning from scratch how to navigate a production software and all the functions you will be using on a day-to-day basis as a music producer.

We will then break down the production of a major pop song and together build it up from scratch so that you can learn some of the most simple and effective tools that many major artists are using in their music-making today.

Intro to Music Production Online Course

Intro to music production course for women
As a follow-on to the free 'Intro to Music Production Masterclass', our Intro to Music Production online course has been designed to help you understand all the introductory skills you need to start producing your own music without any previous production knowledge.

The course consists of 7 modules including, an Introduction to Ableton, Drums, Synths, Sampling, Audio Effects, Recording and Mixing  made up of bite-sized videos. The introductory course includes full access to the MPW Community, monthly group mentoring calls, detailed slides for each module, a special discount for Ableton Live and more.  

Community Membership

Women in music community
Learning to produce music can be a lonely journey, especially if you are learning on your own from your home studio (or bedroom!). Having a community can help you stay focused, stay creating and also stay accountable in doing what you love.

The MPW community of members is made up of like-minded female artists and producers from all around the world who are encouraging and supportive, with a drive to help each other.

Through our monthly membership you'll get full access to our thriving Discord community, weekly feedback on your music, monthly group mentoring sessions where you can make friends from around the world, discounts or free tickets for our events and so much more. So if you're happy to try and learn on your own and are simply looking for some other women in music to form a community with, the membership is a great option.

Master Your Music | Full Year Program

Music production course for women
Putting the very best of what MPW has to offer, Master Your Music is a one year program which goes through a full curriculum of weekly masterclasses to help you develop all the skills you need to produce, mix and release high quality music.

Each masterclass is taught by a renowned expert, whether that be in music production, PR, mixing, live performance etc. You will be learning within a community of like-minded artists from around the world.

In addition to the classes, you will have access to monthly mentoring sessions, a one-to-one career strategy session with Xylo Aria, monthly track feedback from industry professionals, discounts on music software and gear with MPW partners and lots more. Enrolments for Master Your Music open twice a year however you can join the waitlist to hear about future opening dates.

The Podcast

The MPW podcast, is a place for listeners to learn more about production techniques, gear, etc. in an informal and conversational manner. Each episode features MPW founder, Xylo Aria, discussing a certain topic such as compression and how it works or audio interfaces and their function, with an expert in that area. 

Please subscribe to the podcast on your favourite channel or join our mailing list (in the events section above) to stay updated on new episodes.
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Our Team


Founder & CEO

Music Production for Women Xylo Aria
Xylo Aria is an arist, producer and also the visionary behind MPW. Named in the Top 50 East London Innovators of 2020 and the Top 100 She Said So Alt Power List, Xylo is endlessly committed to improving the gender disparity in Music Production through positive action. This includes providing women with an encouraging and safe learning space, facilitating and creating educational content with women in mind as well as increasing visibility of female role models for the next generation.

In addition to her work with MPW, Xylo is also a Director and Treasurer for the Music Producers and Engineers’ Guild of Australia.


Communications Manager

Music Production for Women Carmel Comiskey
Carmel is a classically trained pianist and cellist, and has completed her Diploma in Music Education and Performance at the Royal Irish Academy of Music as well as a B.A. (Hons) degree in Music and Psychology, specialising in Music Technology. As a cellist she has played for the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, on national television and radio, as well as on stage with Hozier and Gerry Leonard as part of Trinity Orchestra.

Carmel brings her unwavering dedication to improving the music production space for women through managing relationships with MPW sponsors, partners and students.


Office Assistant

Music Production for Women Xylo Aria
Victoria is a Music Teacher and a Choral Conductor. She graduated from Silliman University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music with a major in Choral Conducting and minors in piano and voice. She is also a performer and is part of various groups including choirs, theater groups, and concert bands where she plays the trumpet. 

Aside from performing, she also loves to dabble in music production and work as a front of house sound engineer in churches and other concert venues.

We've had the pleasure of working some of the biggest 
brands in the music industry
MXL Microphones
Abbey Road Institute
SE Electronics
Neumann Berlin
Session Studio

Industry Advocates

Female engineers

Susan Rogers 

Sound engineer for Prince, David Byrne and more

"Xylo Aria has created a learning environment where women can find support and reliable information in a comfortable setting. For women who might feel they don’t belong in the “Boy’s Club” of music production, the benefits of a female-centric space cannot be overstated"
Female sound engineers

Leanne Ungar

Sound engineer for Leonard Cohen and more

"I wish that 'Music Production for Women' had been around when I was starting out in 1978! A life in the arts is a life in problem solving. So it really helps when we can learn how others have solved some of the problems that we encounter in the music business. And it's nice to compare notes on our tools and techniques in a forum where no false assumptions are made about our aptitude for tech topics!"

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