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Music Production for Women (MPW) is a global movement, community and online learning platform which aims to encourage and empower women who are taking their first steps into music production. Founded in East London by artist and producer Xylo Aria, MPW aims to provide an environment where individuals identifying as women can feel comfortable and supported through their production journey. 

MPW offers an Introduction to Music Production course which is a hands-on initiative designed to demystify the basics of electronic music production in an accessible and easy-to-follow manner, as well as live workshops throughout the UK and Europe.
The MPW mission is to instil confidence in any woman interested in approaching music production and to empower her to take the first steps with the backing of our full community. 
MPW run periodic music production workshops throughout the UK, Europe and virtually in conjunction with local music organisations and studios to empower women in music technology. If you would like to organise a workshops in partnership with MPW please e-mail us. Please join our mailing list by entering your email address below to stay up to date with our latest events. 
MPW offer free online intro to music production masterclasses, which run periodically throughout the week and are open to anyone who's interested in learning to produce. It is designed to be an introduction to electronic music production for those who have an interest in the area but may be unsure of where to start. No previous experience or equipment is required for this session. If you're interested in joining please click here.
As a follow-on to the free 'Intro to Music Production Masterclass', MPW offer an 'Introduction to Music Production' online course, directed by founder Xylo Aria. The course, which uses Ableton Live as the teaching Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), takes students right from the basics of what each section of the DAW does to setting up a track, through to the stage of mixing. The course is designed for individuals who may not have previously been introduced to music production and need a learning platform that fits around their schedule. 

The course consists of 7 modules including, Introduction, Drums, Synths, Sampling, Audio Effects, Recording and Mixing which are made up of 5-10 short videos of approximately 7 minutes each, which go through the most vital concepts that a user needs to be familiar with to start producing electronic music. It also includes access to the MPW Community, monthly group Skype check ins, detailed slides for each module, a 40% discount off Ableton Live and more.  If you're interested in joining the course please click here. 
MPW now offer a membership to all producers or those new to it who would love the support of an encouraging community for only £5 a month. Members receive access to our online communities, feedback on tracks, collaborators' lists, special industry list with MPW discounts, invitation to our monthly virtual chat, first invites to any in person events and more. Please click here to find out more.
The MPW podcast, is a place for listeners to learn more about production techniques, gear, etc. in an informal and conversational manner. Each episode features MPW founder discussing a certain topic such as compression and how it works or audio interfaces and their function, with an expert in that area. 

Please subscribe to the podcast on your favourite channel or join our mailing list (in the events section above) to stay updated on new episodes.
Susan Rogers - Sound engineer for Prince, David Byrne and more
"I wish that 'Music Production for Women' had been around when I was starting out in 1978! A life in the arts is a life in problem solving. So it really helps when we can learn how others have solved some of the problems that we encounter in the music business. And it's nice to compare notes on our tools and techniques in a forum where no false assumptions are made about our aptitude for tech topics!"
Leanne Ungar - Sound engineer for Leonard Cohen and more
"Xylo Aria has created a learning environment where women can find support and reliable information in a comfortable setting. For women who might feel they don’t belong in the “Boy’s Club” of music production, the benefits of a female-centric space cannot be overstated"
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